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Editing Process

The best word


The editor ensures logical consistency, cohesiveness and factual correctness and corrects language and spelling errors. The editor also focuses on word choice, grammar, text elements and whether the language used matches the publisher's house style.

Woman with magazine layout

What's inside matters


This involves the typesetting of the manuscript, from text size and font to spacing in order to ensure a compact, reader-friendly product.


Catch the pesky errors


Proofreaders correct spelling, punctuation and language errors in addition to checking page layout and overall appearance to ensure that the manuscript is ready to print.

designer with a tablet and pen

First impressions

Cover page design (i): Front cover

Your cover page is the first impression the reader has of your book. It is therefore important to have something striking and professional designed. Expert graphic artists consider the content of the book in order to create an optimal visual representation according to market trends.

Woman designing at a desk

Judge a book by it’s cover

Cover design (ii): front cover, spine, and back cover

There is more to the presentation of a book than just the front cover. Attention must also be paid to the spine and the back cover of your book. The spine determines how the book will appear on the shelf (sideways), while the back cover includes the ISBN and information about the content of the book. The back-cover synopsis is an important marketing tool and must be well written.

The graphic artist will strive to combine the elements in such a way that it creates consistency in terms of the look and feel to best represent your book to readers at a first glance.

Creating a unique identifier for your book

ISBN registration and barcoding

Each book has a unique numeric identity label. Publishers buy ISBNs (13 numbers) for each book. ISBNs are also a way for other people to find your book. When you self-publish your book through Paper Frog, we can register this code on your behalf. This is an additional service that should be specifically requested when submitting your manuscript for formal quotation purposes. Read more on ISBN's.


print with many books

To the printers


The physical printing of the manuscript and the final step to morphing from manuscript to full book.

Woman with a book

Let’s go digital


You may choose to self-publish an e-book as a standalone or in addition to your printed books. With online distribution you can reach an international market without the major challenges and high costs of printing and physical distribution. We will convert your manuscript to an EPUB, ready to be published on online platforms such as Amazon Kindle (KDP), Smashwords, Kobo or iBooks.

books in a box

Ready, steady, GO


This service involves the safe, fast delivery of your book. We use a door-to-door courier service for printed books, while e-books are delivered via FTP or by using other online large file transfer services. Courier costs will be quoted separately, based on your print run and the delivery address.

marketing and distribution team

On special request

Marketing and Distribution

Optional service to market your book and use our national distribution network of retail and online stores to make your book available the public. This service is subject to a stringent approval process. After successful approval, an individual marketing and distribution agreement based on the type of content will be offered to you, the writer.

* Terms and conditions apply. Subject to selection process.

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